This document describes Black Paw Ventures Limited (“Company”) policy related to privacy of the YYY app you licensed from us, the YYY chatbot, the YYY applicant sheet, our website, our Facebook pages and the YYY server we operate (together: “YYY”)

Does Company collect personal information about you?

Generally speaking, we store the absolute minimal amount of information needed for our system to perform its intended purpose. In particular, we focus on protecting the personal information of workers who applied to jobs through the system


For workers, your personal information is stored on the YYY server encrypted. It is accessible to Company only when you are activity using YYY and the 24 hour window following your last activity.

Your personal information which appears on messeges exchanged between you and YYY chatbot using Facebook Messenger, is stored by facebook and remains technically accessible to Company on its facebook account. In addition, Company maintains a log of messeges exchanged between you and YYY chatbot for a period of 30 days.





We maintain an emailing list of subscribers of our newsletter. The information we store is the email address, language and location for which the subscriber is interested in jobs as well as other statistical information. This list is separate from the YYY app and YYY chatbot user storage and we do not link between them.

For employers, we store the contact person's selfie photo, name, gender, email, phone number, and position within the employer





What type of non-personal data do we store related to you?

How do you collect it?

All the information we collect is either information you directly entered or information we retrieve from your facebook profile with your explicit permission or information we retrieve from your device - which is approximate location, operating system version, mobile operator, country and GCM registration ID.

How long do you retain my information, and how do I delete all my data from your server?

Your data is retained on the YYY server until it is deleted by you or by us as explained below.

To delete all your data from the YYY server and on your device, swipe your user account off the user selection screen in the YYY app.

A job application is deleted from the YYY server when we determine that it is no longer needed, or when both the relevant worker and employer delete it.

We reserve the right to delete your account from the YYY server after a period of inactivity.

Note that if you have sent data to other people via a job application or interview invitation, that data might still retained by them, even after we delete your account from the YYY server.

If you have chatted with the YYY chatbot using Facebook Messenger, please refer to Facebook documentation regarding deleting these messages

How we secure your data


All data stored on YYY servers is encrypted when stored on our hard drives

All data transmitted between the YYY app and YYY server is encrypted in transmission using HTTPS

It is your responsibility to secure your device and protect the information stored on it. As an employer, it is your responsibility to secure your YAS applicant sheet by setting its permissions

Which other people can see my information?

When do we send information to another country?

When you send a job application or interview invitation to a person located in another country.

Company uses one or more of Google’s data centers to host the YYY server. The data center we use to store your account information might not be in your country. Google data centers are located here:">

Company uses 3rd party providers including Facebook and other providers as listed above, and these providers might have their own servers in other countries. As described above, in certain situations some of your data might reside on servers of these providers

What does the YYY app do with the Android permissions granted to it?

About us

The YYY server, website and Facebook pages and chatbot are operated by:

Black Paw Ventures Limited, Room 7B, One Capital Place, 18 Luard Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Please feel free to contact us at">

Changes to the Privacy Policy

We may change this policy from time to time, and the changes will be reflected in the “versions” section below. If you do not agree to our Privacy Policy at any time you must stop using YYY.

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Versions of this document

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Version 2 - 28 September 2018

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